Minatchy D Brian


Lady Tamano,
Emperor Orochi’s most radiant gem.
A name like a spell enchanting the bravest of hearts.
Her beauty, sung across the empire,
With men ready to forsake their very essence,
for a fleeting moment in her shadow.
Yet, not impervious to passion’s call,
She too knew the ache of longing.
The newly appointed sword instructor,
He, the object of her moonlit obsession.
She would draw him close,
her fingers tracing tempting paths,
Eyes aflame with unspoken desires.
And, under veils of pretense,
she’d summon him to her chambers.
Heavy ensnaring aroma filling the air,
Her whisper, a silken lure promising pleasures unseen.
In spite of the siren’s enchanting call,
Tenshi’s honor acted as his steadfast shield.
An oath, unwavering,
Guarding him from his most earthly desires.
Until one fated evening,
Preparations were taken and the stage was set,
As lady Tamano made her final gambit,
A play to capture a coveted prize.
Upon entering his modest quarters,
An icy chill raced down the young samurai’s spine.
Tenshi, felt a sudden unease;
A rich, foreign yet hauntingly familiar fragrance teased his senses.
With haste, he turned,
Only to see a figure leaping at him from the shadow.
Behold! It was Lady Tamano.
Taken aback, Tenshi found himself off-balance.
On top of him, devouring him with her ravenous eyes.
She warmly breathed in his ear,
“Lie with me, and savor joys unknown to the heavens themselves”.
Tenshi wavered.
His muscles tensed upon meeting her skin,
And as she fervently began to unveil his attire.
Tenshi found himself wrestling with his deepest yearnings.
Slowly giving in, as temptation threatened to forever taint his honor.
In a final attempt, his guardian, from within he called.
Mustering all of his zeal,
He shoved Tamano away.
Freeing himself from her enchanting spell,
Leaving behind only a solitary piece of garment.
Broken, Ashamed,
With hot tears of rage rolling down her face.
Tamano let out a desperate scream,
Echoing through the entire palace.
Immediately, to the Emperor she went,
Spinning, burning accusation into his ears,
With the garment as her token of proof.
Blinded by fury, Emperor Orochi immediately put the once revered sword instructor in chains,
Casting him into the depths of the imperial dungeons.
A hefty price for such a display of loyalty.


Lies, Deceit, Wickedness.

Today, Evil is called good and good is deemed Evil.

What are you going to do?

Ignore the truth?

Or Stand-up for what’s right, and fight the Evil of this World?


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