Minatchy D Brian


if you should suffer for the sake of righteousness, you are blessed

1 Peter 3:14

The Righteous shall not be shaken

Welcome, friend.
You are about to embark on a journey
Where the very core principles of righteousness are being tested.
In those biblically inspired tales,
You will witness how honor stands in the face of wickedness,
How light shines amidst the darkness.
But, are you ready for it?

do you want to be a man?

All this talk about honor and virtue is great,
But what’s the point if you are a mere shadow of a man?
Society has weakened you for years.
Truth is, most of us are either:
Out of shape, lack discipline, broke, emotional, or have no determination.
But, what are you willing to do about it?
Remain a slave to the World or…


Lies, Deceit, Wickedness.

Today, Evil is called good and good is deemed Evil.

What are you going to do?

Ignore the truth?

Or Stand-up for what’s right, and fight the Evil of this World?

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Your Competitive Advantage in a World of Darkness