Minatchy D Brian

MY testimony

early life

See that little fellah proudly riding his fierce stallion?
Yup, that’s me.
Born in Paris, then shipped straight to the suburbs.
Right from the start, I wanted to make it “Big”
And French folks don’t really like that.
Especially when you double down and call them out on it.

rejecting the world

But, what was actually on my mind?
School, church (raised Catholic), culture – it just seemed off.
I mean, why on earth would I want to get a girl, play house,
Raise 1.5 kids while slaving in a cubicle from 9-5?
Sounds a lot like slavery to me, and I didn’t want to be cattle, thanks.
No, I wanted something greater, to be remembered, praised, idolized…
I wanted to be a god.

sinful life

So, what did I do?
Simple, I packed up my stuff and traveled the world to live life on my own terms.
From America to China, it was same story on repeat:
Parties, sex and alcohol.
But that wasn’t all. I wasn’t just a random partygoer.

No, no, no, I did my best to lead many innocent folks astray to follow me on my destructive path…

seeking the light

Now, from the outside, everything looked amazing.
I had some cash, a stunning Russian-model girlfriend, knew everyone in town,
And could do pretty much anything I wanted.
The truth? Something was off.
Don’t get me wrong, I still had my ‘dreams’,
Is that all there is to life?
So, I dug into Politics, Finance, Culture, History to find out the “whys” of this world.
And man, I did learn a lot! The issue?
Every single time I would end up in front of a giant Wall.
A wall that just couldn’t be breached by logic alone.

truth revealed

Why is everything pushed today going against basic human principles?
Is it for money? No, they can already print it at will.
Power? Try to speak out and you will see how fast you will “vanish”.
No, no matter where I started, I always ended up at the same place.
Evil is real, and it wants us to reject God.
Pretty hard to accept at first,
Especially when I looked at the catholic church.
But with all the evidences laying in front of me,
I had to settle this once and for all.

born again

So, I picked up the Bible and went straight to the book of revelation.
And it hit me like a truck.
To be fair, I barely understood anything,
But it was enough to get me going.
Now, the Lord was calling me.
And after three months of going through the Bible cover to cover.
I finally discovered the Truth.
God was real, and he had sent his only begotten Son to die for our sins.

a mission

What now, you ask?
Well, I had to repent, discard my old life, and accept Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior.
The World had tricked me,
And I couldn’t let other go down the same road.
With the Holy Spirit burning inside of me,
I decided to give my existence to Christ.
To share the Truth, expose the work of darkness and rally devoted Christian to stand up against Evil.
Now that you’ve read my testimony, there’s one thing I’d like to ask you.
Do you want to stand with me for the Truth?


Lies, Deceit, Wickedness.

Today, Evil is called good and good is deemed Evil.

What are you going to do?

Ignore the truth?

Or Stand-up for what’s right, and fight the Evil of this World?

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