Minatchy D Brian


Amid the astonished crowd,
Like a beacon of righteousness beneath Heaven’s gazes,
Resolute, Tenshi stood.
Tranquility slowly slipped away from the proud ruler’s heart
As the gods forced his hand,
To set the young samurai free.
Whispers spiraled through the city streets,
Every alcove of the imperial domain abuzz,
With echoing tales of heaven’s chosen,
And casting a growing shadow upon the Emperor’s might.
Shrouded by fury in the night’s embrace,
An oath was sworn,
To extinguish the rising phoenix’s flame, once and for all.
The Young Tadashi,
Aware of the fury about to be unleashed,
Warned Tenshi, about his father’s rage.
So he fled,
Skipping from village to village like the fleeting wind,
Always vigilant as the Emperor and his mighty men grew close behind him.
Until a fateful night, in a misty forest.
Weary from his travels, the young samurai rested.
But the son of heaven knew no respite,
And the rustling trees betrayed his approach.
With haste, Tenshi ascended one of the mighty pines.
Soon, dancing light began to pierce the veil of the night,
At their head the raging monarch leading the chase.
Minutes turned into an eternity, the search undying.
At the darkest hour of the night, Emperor Orochi’s vigor faded.
Taking a large tree for shelter, to gather his strength he laid.
But behold! It was Tenshi’s tree.
Silently he descended, the shadow of his thirsting blade looming over the sleeping monarch.
Poised to exact a justice far too long denied.
With one move, a single motion,
Would send the divine child into eternity’s embrace.
Yet under the moon’s watchful gaze, Tenshi wavered.
And as he withdrew,
Left a chrysanthemum brooch on the ruler’s chest,
Instead of a long trail of blood.
Dawn’s first rays began to stretch across the land,
As the Emperor emerged from his slumber.
Prepared to resume his quest and rally his men,
He noticed the symbol lying on his chest.
There was no mistaking,
It was the insignia of the imperial sword instructor,
An insignia he had himself bestowed to the very man he now vowed to kill.
And as reason came to mind, the truth became clear,
Orochi took his men and moved back to Shichimenjo,
Putting an end to his endless crusade against the man who just spared his life.


Lies, Deceit, Wickedness.

Today, Evil is called good and good is deemed Evil.

What are you going to do?

Ignore the truth?

Or Stand-up for what’s right, and fight the Evil of this World?


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