Minatchy D Brian


Surrounded… On the brink of annihilation…
Locked behind the mighty walls of Tenshukyu-jo.
Around them, the Haidan clan.
With overwhelming ranks carpeting the plain,
their proud banners obscuring the horizon.
Eager… Ready…
To finally crush the Kamikawa clan in a single blow.
Towering the host, Ryumao the Drinker of souls.
A Behemoth that, for generations,
Claimed the finest Kamikawa swordsmen.
Every single night,
The Fearsome Oni would approach the gates,
The earth quaking beneath his feet.
And with a voice echoing like thunder,
He would shower venomous insults at
Tenshukyu-jo’s revered Kami.
Yet, on the night of the final assault.
A lone figure made his way to the fortress.
Overhearing Ryumao’s blasphemous words, he asked.
“Who is it? That dares tarnish our sacred ground and proudly mocks our ancestral guardian?”
“It’s Ryumao” the clansmen whispered “Terror of Jigoku, Slayer of thousands, and Doom of the Kamikawa”
Burning with righteous fury,
To the heart of the clan’s domain he went.
Past the burial site of Kamikawa’s bravest,
Where, before their Kami’s shrine the ancestral blade rested.
The Samurai paused amidst the whispers of age past,
He tore his clothes, and gave a prayer to the Divine Protector.
Feeling his spirit surging in him, he grasped the sword,
Ready to face his destiny.
Upon reaching the gate, He found himself in front of Ryumao,
Dwarfed like a mouse would under the tiger’s paw.
When the demon saw him,
A fearsome laugh that nearly crackled the sky was heard,
“How desperate the Kamikawa must be, to send a puny child where the greatest have fallen!”
Unfazed by provocation, the clansman hurled his katana into Ryumao’s exposed throat.
The blade sank deep and the beast reeled back, gasping in disbelief.
Instantly, the warrior sprang into action,
Narrowly dodging a ground shattering blow.
Consumed by rage and anguish from the freshly inflicted wound,
the oni unleashed a barrage of devastating strikes.
Each leaving only destruction in its wake.
However slowly the tide of battle turned.
The oni’s attack became sluggish, as the gash in his throat took its toll.
That’s when samurai seized the opportunity.
With swift precision, he darted up the creature’s arm,
Reaching the embedded ancestral blade.
And in one decisive motion,
Grasped the hilt and separated the head from the Behemoth’s shoulders.
The Haidan line’s spirit immediately faltered as their champion corpse fell…
Sensing the shift, the Kamikawa Daimyo charged the demoralized foe with his mightiest men.
Blood flew abundantly on that day,
And the once mighty Haidan army, scattered like smoke before a gust.


Lies, Deceit, Wickedness.

Today, Evil is called good and good is deemed Evil.

What are you going to do?

Ignore the truth?

Or Stand-up for what’s right, and fight the Evil of this World?


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