Minatchy D Brian


Shichimenjo: Capital and Seat of the Heavenly Emperor Orochi.
Within its majestic walls,
Kageki of the Haidan clan had spun his intricate web of deceit.
And after many years of meticulous planning,
The influential advisor had swayed his master to bestow upon him the heavenly seal.
A symbol that would grant him unparalleled authority, Becoming like an extension of the emperor himself.
With this power almost in his grasp,
Kageki aimed to brand the Kamikawa clan as enemies to the throne,
A plot that would finally wipe their name forever from imperial history.
His machinations, however, didn’t remain unnoticed.
Makoto, close relative of the Kamikawa serving the court,
Discerned the scheme.
In haste, she sent word to her uncle, the daimyo of the Kamikawa clan.
The old lord, understanding the threat to his very existence,
And willing to prove the unyielding loyalty of his family to the throne.
Entrusted his most devoted retainer, Tenshi, With a mission to the Imperial capital.
Mid-journey, passing by quiet relay station,
Tenshi stumbled upon a morbid scene.
Lifeless bodies of a retinue lay scattered.
Amidst them,
Threatened by the naked steel of half a dozen menacing ronin,
A lone noble was standing defiantly.
As their blade readied for a final strike,
Tenshi intervened.
His sword, swift and steady,
Danced like a ribbon in the wind, effortlessly separating limbs from bodies,
felling the attackers and ensuring the young lord’s safety.
Inside, they took him into a lavish dining hall.
The intoxicating scent of roasted meats and freshly baked treats filled the air.
A banquet befitting the greatest of kings,
Each dish, more salivating than the last.
Yet, Tenshi’s gaze was set on one thing,
And his resolve remained unshaken.
Then, he was ushered to the imperial treasury.
Endless rows of ornate chests glistened, overflowing with gold and precious gemstones.
Riches to found a strong kingdom,
Promising prosperity and opulence for eons to come.
But Tenshi wasn’t a man of silk,
And no diamonds or pearls would deter him from his path.
In a last bid to break his indomitable spirit
He was led to the innermost sanctum.
The soft glow of countless candles bathed the room,
Revealing hypnotic dancing figures.
From the four corners of the worlds they came,
Thousands of young maidens,
Whose beauty would even make a eunuch erect,
And moved around the young warrior with ethereal grace,
pressing their bare chest against him,
Their nudity concealed by a breath of cloth.
Remembering his training and the trials his ancestors endured before him,
Tenshi drew every drop of essence from his spirit,
Casting away his most primal instinct.
Proving that zeal could overcome flesh
Having forsaken all these earthly temptations,
Tenshi finally stood before Emperor Orochi.
As he braced himself to present his plea,
From the shadows, Kageki slithered forth,
Spreading lies with the guile of a serpent,
His very words poisoning the sanctity of the imperial chamber.
Battling the deceiver at his own game would prove a futile affair,
Fully aware of such foolishness, Tenshi drew his blade,
Pressing its cold iron edge against his abdomen.
Determined to perform the ultimate sacrifice to preserve the truth.
As Kageki’s triumphant smirk stretched across his face,
A commotion rippled through the divine palace.
Behold! It was the young noble from the relay station!
Brazenly emerging from the assembled crowd,
In his hand, a blood-soaked insignia.
A grim reminder of the heated exchange that nearly claimed his life.
“Oh Father, let it be my life that’s paid for the truth, as this warrior waged his own to shield mine”
Tadashi, heir to the imperial throne, had made his stance clear.
Emperor Orochi’s eyes locked onto the crimson emblem.
Rising solemnly from his regal seat,
He approached the resolute Tenshi, taking hold of his blade.
“Today shall stand as testament:
while the devout may surely ascend the heaven, treachery inevitably plunges into oblivion.”
Hearing it, Kageki’s face paled as the Emperor turned to face him.
And with one unerring motion, sealed the fate of his reign of malice.


Lies, Deceit, Wickedness.

Today, Evil is called good and good is deemed Evil.

What are you going to do?

Ignore the truth?

Or Stand-up for what’s right, and fight the Evil of this World?


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